Timber Pegs

Timber Pegs

Quality Australian Hardwood

Sourced from quality Australian hardwood, our timber peg stakes are absolutely tough and reliable. Concreting and digging holes are not necessary, allowing you to save time and money.

We have over 50 years of experience and can proudly recommend these timber stakes. Aussie made and supporting Aussie jobs, this product is ideal for your next job!

Perfect for All Applications

Timber Peg stakes are a cost-effective and efficient way of securing timber sleepers garden edging, raised garden beds, vegetable patches, sandpits and play areas. They are bio-degradable and can blend seamlessly into the environment. They are a useful option for your outdoor needs. With various sizes available, you can easily secure areas of your landscape.

Standard Sizes Available

Below are our standard sizes for timber pegs. These are suitable sizes for most jobs and are often ready to be packed and sent. Whether for surveying or for general landscaping, we have you covered quick and easy!

Size Length Full Pallet (Units)
50x25 0.3 2000
50x25 0.45 1500
50x25 0.6 1000
50x25 0.9 1000
50x25 1.2
50x25 1.5
50x25 1.8

Custom Timber Peg Stakes

We are able to customise sizes and orders based on your needs. We understand there are different needs for different jobs. So if you have specific requirements or questions please contact us and we can process custom orders.

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Our hardwood timber pegs are perfect for your next project. With the best service and prices around, we can help you obtain the best products available. For more information contact our friendly staff at 03 5968 1370 or enquire here.