About Us

As a family run business we focus on:

Sourcing quality sustainable raw material

Sustainability is an integral part of our day-to-day decision making and our long-term business plan. Working closely with our suppliers we believe we can make positive impact on sustainability in Australia

Sourcing quality raw material allows Hilder Timbers to provide our customers with durable and robust products that are fit for purpose and suitable for the dry and harsh Australian conditions. We specialise in 4-point stakes rather than chisel or pencil point because 4-point stakes drive into the ground easily, quickly and in a straight line.

Running a smooth and efficient manufacturing business

To keep our prices as low as possible we run an efficient manufacturing business that reinvests back into our operations and employees. We focus on providing our staff with a work environment that promotes high health and safety standards. We take our responsibility seriously encouraging a culture where caring, safety and involvement is paramount.

Efficient Delivery

With our extensive list of suppliers Hilder Timbers has the capacity to deliver on time and in full. Utilising our own delivery vehicle and reliable, professional 3rd party logistic carries, we deliver Australia wide.