Survey Pegs

Survey Pegs

Quality Australian Hardwood

You can trust our 100% Australian hardwood survey pegs. They are designed and built to last while supporting Australian jobs. We deliver Australia-wide and ensure all our products are of the highest quality and without fault.

By using Aussie materials, our products are built to last and can survive the harsh climate and rigorous worksites. Hardwood is a superior construction material that is environmentally sustainable.

Perfect for All Applications

Survey pegs are often used for marking and outlining land under construction. And it is important that they are durable and reliable. This product is tough, making it suitable for a wide range of uses.

Ideal for marking points and positions, these survey stakes are perfect for any job! Whether for residential or commercial use, our wooden stakes can fit your needs.

There are various styles and types available depending on the intended use. No matter what type you are looking for, we have you covered. Offering great products and services is key to what we provide.

Standard Sizes Available

Below are our standard sizes that are ready to be packed and shipped. These sizes cover what most jobs require commercially or residentially. Whether used for indicating or major surveying, our pegs can be delivered quick and easy!

Size Length Full Pallet (Units)
50x25 .225 2000
50x25 0.3 2000
50x25 0.375 1500
50x25 0.45 1500
50x25 0.6 1000
50x25 0.9 1000

Custom Survey Pegs

We can prepare custom orders for you, so you get exactly what you need. Our range is on the site and we understand that there are different requirements for different jobs. So if you have more specific requirements, please contact us and we can process custom orders.

Find Out More

Our hardwood survey pegs are perfect for your next project. With the best service and prices around, we can help you obtain the best products available. For more information contact our friendly staff at 03 5968 1370 or enquire here.